• 12-BAT-CR9V/P

EVE Li-MnO2 CR9V Batteries Lithium Battery 1200MAh Capacity CR9V-P 9V Lithium-manganese Battery

Battery specifics
Nominal Capacity:1200mAh
Standard Voltage:9V
Place Of Origin:Huizhou
Product Name:Lithium/Manganese Dioxide Batteries
Product Certification:UL

Storage Temperature:5℃~35℃
Rated Capacity:1200mah
Working Temperature:-40~85 ℃
Net Weight:43g
Scope Of Application:Wireless Alarm, Smoke Alarm, Temperature Monitor, Gas Meter, Water Meter, Heat Meter, Flowmeter, Electricity Meter, RFID, Wireless Communication Radio, Night Vision
Outline Size:26.2*17.2*48.8mm

Processing And Customization:Yes
Minimum Capacity:1200mAh

Load Voltage:8.2V
Factory Voltage:9V
Core Standard:CR9V

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