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Program 56 User Codes for This Keyless Entry System


Program the Anti-Vandal 56-User Keypad on site with the included keyboard. Up to 56 different user codes can be programmed and deleted individually, and all codes and other stored data are saved in non-volatile EEPROM memory, which will be unaffected by power failures. 

Program the duration for the relay contact closure, setting the time the door remains latched or unlatched after the code is entered. You can also set the system to toggle mode if necessary, shifting back and forth between latched and unlatched if required. In addition to controlling the door latch, this keyless entry system can operate an auxiliary output. Set this up to ring a chime, trigger a surveillance camera, or trigger any other notification that an employee has entered. Each user code is programmable to operate the relay, the auxiliary output or both.

The Anti-Vandal 56-User Keypad has several security features built in. With more than 100 million code combinations possible, vandals won't be able to access your business by pressing random keys. A penalty timer locks out the keypad for 30 seconds after three consecutive inputs of erroneous codes. Trigger a panic output by programming a specific code, or create an ambush digit, which sends a one-second pulse to the panic output if entered after the last digit of a user code.

The Anti-Vandal 56-User Keypad is also available with a 2x6 matrix Mullion-Style layout.


Visonic Product No.:CL-83
Dimensions:4 5/8" x 2 3/16" x 1 3/8" (118mm x 72mm x 33mm)
Weight:10 oz. (290g)
Code Composition:1 to 8 digits, any combination
Keypad Type:Indoor keypad: 12 keys, 3x4 matrix, tactile operation; outdoor keypad: 3x4 matrix
Operating Voltage:Indoor keypad: 9-16 or 22-26V AC, selected with jumper; outdoor keypad: supplied from indoor keypad
Current Drain:15 mA standby; 55mA with relay and auxiliary output active
Power Failure Immunity:EEPROM memory
Relay Control:1-98 seconds, programmable
Relay Contact Rating:10A / 30V AC or DC
AUX and Panic Output Current Sinking:Up to 100 mA (each protected by an 18-ohm series resistor)
LEDs:Indoor keypad: 3 (green, red, yellow); outdoor keypad: 2 (green, red)
Operating Temperature:Indoor keypad: -4

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